Abbeydale Christian Fellowship Co-Pastor Search Cover Letter


Thank you for considering to submit an application for the Co-Pastor position at Abbeydale Christian Fellowship (ACF).  The following is a list of the important documents pertinent to this application and the plan/expectations regarding the application and evaluation process. 

  1. The ACF congregation performed a self-study survey, which produced the Co-Pastor Profile.  (3 pages – PDF)
  2. Our Co-Pastor Job Description . (2 pages – PDF)
  3. The application to be filled out is the ACF Ministry Information Profile. (3 pages – WORD document). Filling out this application can be bypassed if all information requested here is present in your resume. Applications can be sent to (Please include your name in the subject line of the email.) If possible, we would ask you to provide a link to a video of a sermon you have preached.
  4. If the Pastoral Search Committee (PSC) decides to suggest you to the congregation as our co-pastor – but before your name is given to the congregation – you will fill out the Evangelical Mennonite Conference EMC Hiring Questionnaire for Search Committees (2 pages – WORD document).  Your responses to the questionnaire will be given to both the PSC and the EMC exam committee prior to the interview. The PSC will sit in on the interview conducted by the exam committee.  Following the interview the PSC and the exam committee will discuss together how suitable you will be in the congregation.
  5. It is desired to have the successful applicant come to visit ACF on either the May 15 or May 29 weekend.  During this weekend, you will meet the PSC, the General Board, the Deacons, and will preach on Sunday morning.  We will set a mutually agreed to date if neither of these weekends work for you.
  6. The ACF executive will discuss the salary and benefits (based on the EMC salary guidelines) during your visit.  We will also talk about your possible start date.
  7. The congregation will meet the week following to decide whether it is a good fit and make the decision whether to make an offer for you to be employed as co-pastor.
  8. The ACF executive will make a formal offer in writing upon receiving the congregation’s approval to proceed. 
  9. We request your response within 7 days of receiving the offer.

Thank you again for your prayerful consideration of this co-pastor position – we’re looking forward to discovering who God has chosen as our co-pastor, in answer to our prayers.


Pastoral Search Committee

Abbeydale Christian Fellowship